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Golden Family

Authentic Real Life Photos- the goal of modern photography.

How can I not share these candid style family photos? Full disclosure I rarely take on group photography projects but somehow we ended up at the beach for a winter shoot with Charlotte and Micheal.

Who knew family photography was so FUN? Charlotte gave me full creative freedom and I can honestly say this is my ideal shoot. I love the authentic expressions, the movement we were able to capture and of course the golden sunlight. A huge perk to winter shooting in the north is getting golden hour that lasts all day- these photos were taken at 2:00 pm :)

I spend a lot of time trying to get couples to do exactly what these girls are so good at- moving. The key to authentic photos is keeping your subjects moving naturally. During photoshoots I will direct my couples to do goofy things like run around, walk like they are drunk and sway when standing together. Natural photos just look better. This is why we see a big trend towards "unposed" photography. The goal is to capture real emotion, real expressions, and real life.

Props to Charlotte for dressing her family in matching colours without feeling too matchy-matchy and for bringing the girls snacks.

Kids are authentic, they don't pretend, they aren't self conscious, they just live.

Thank you Izzye and Zoey for being perfectly innocent and bringing me right back to beach days with my sisters at the same age.

As always second shooting was done by my hubby Matt Shannon

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